Reasons Why Procrastination Is Common In Students? And What They Can Do About It!

 Procrastination is one of the most difficult challenges that students may face in their life. Especially, when it comes to online learning. Students are usually lazy and unmotivated staying on their beds. They don’t even bother to leave their bed and take their online sessions from the bed.

In online classes, accountability, time pressure, and no proper structure. Due to all these things, it becomes really hard to remain focused and manage your time effectively.
So it’s obvious that procrastination has always been a major issue than ever for students who are trying to learn from the home last year.
Procrastination can be of many types, so if we want to help the students battle that we first need to find out exactly the reason. And why they’re struggling so we can find solutions that can work the best for them.
Many things cause procrastination among students, let’s find them out…
Why Students Procrastinate
1. Ignoring the situation
Technically, this isn’t considered procrastination, because the student isn’t ignoring their work; they simply aren’t concerned enough about having any. However, this is the common reason for putting things for the last minute.
With online learning, this has become even more difficult because there is so much material presented in so many different places that make it easy to miss something.
Teachers are unable to give pupils verbal reminders in serial sessions since they are not able to see them face-to-face. It's easy to forget about assignments that haven't been submitted yet. Especially if students don't have their planner, calendar, to-do list, or reminder system set up to ensure that they are getting things done on time. Or lose track of whether or not assignments have been completed and submitted.
For example, a student forgets about his finance assignment, so in the end, he’ll approach a finance assignment writing service UK and ask for help.

2. A lack of understanding of the desired outcome
When students are perplexed by an assignment or are unsure of what is required from them. Or when they frequently postpone the task in the hopes of better understanding it later. This is especially difficult for pupils who are uncomfortable in settings where they are unclear.
Unfortunately, when they look at it the night before the deadline, they frequently find that they have no more information than before. And that there is no time to ask their teacher for clarification.
This is exacerbated by online learning, as students are unable to communicate with teachers as frequently. Or as quickly as they can when they see them in class every day. As a result, if they are unsure how to approach a project, they may put it off forever, never finishing it.

3. Time estimates that are optimistic
In most instances, optimism is a beautiful attribute. When it comes to calculating how long it will take to finish a project. However, overly optimistic time estimates might cause major issues.
Students frequently overestimate the time they have left to finish tasks while underestimating the time it will take to complete them.
As a result, they don't give themselves enough time to finish the job. When students are handed assignments in person, see the worksheet. Or assignment itself often gives them an indication of how time-consuming they will be.
When work is disturbing electronically, however, people typically have no idea what's involved until they open the attachment. And begin working on it. As a result, it's tempting to believe that assignments will be simpler or easier than they are.

4. There is no structure
While many kids are forced to attend live classrooms now than it was just started online learning last year, many high schools and middle schools have unstructured days. During the week where they are given work to complete on their own time instead of taking online live sessions.

Many college classes are still fully unstructured, with no live classes at all. But they have pre-recorded lectures that students can watch at their leisure. Students may find it difficult to focus on getting things done and resist the urge to put work off until later because of the lack of structure.

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